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Advanced Nutrients Sensizym 250ml

Sensizym by Advanced Nutrients is an enzyme complex designed to transform all those compounds that your plant can’t absorb into molecules that the roots can assimilate. This is a product that is dealing with a much higher concentration than other similar products from other brands. It contains different enzymes that were selected so that all the organic matter and the mineral salts that have accumulated and are present in your substrate or watering system, become nutrients for your plants again.

With hydroponic and aeroponic grows, you can use them in the deposit of your watering solution as a preventative method, so that you avoid having salts build up and this way you will also prevent having the fertilizer degrade into possibly toxic molecules for the plants. What’s more, the enzymes present in Sensizym will recycle all those molecules that aren’t doing anything or are toxic and the dead roots of your plants, converting them into nutrients. There are only advantages.