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Feed Charts

Below are the feed charts currently available for our main nutrient suppliers.  Click on the picture to get the full size chart which will open in a new window.  Each chart also has a printable option ready for your convenience and a link to the appropriate section of our online shop.

Advanced Nutrients

   Advanced Nutrients (Feed Chart)


Basic Extreme  Pro  Mixing Instructions & Tips   Key

   Aptus (Basic)
   Aptus (Extreme)
   Aptus (Pro)
   Aptus (Mixing Instructions & Tips)
   Aptus (Key)
   Aptus (Full)


 Coco  Hydro  Soil  Rootbastic & Bloombastic

  Atami - Coco (Feed Chart)
  Atami - Hydro (Feed Chart)
  Atami - Soil (Feed Chart)
  Atami - Rootbastic & Bloombastic (Feed Chart)

Bio Bizz

   Bio Bizz (Feed Chart)

Bio Green

Hydro Soil

   Bio Green - Hydro (Feed Chart)
   Bio Green - Soil (Feed Chart)

Bio Nova

Basic Dedicated Professional

   Bio Nova - Basic (Feed Chart)
   Bio Nova - Dedicated (Feed Chart)
   Bio Nova - Professional (Feed Chart)

Bio Tabs


   Bio Tabs (Feed Chart)

Bloom (Yellow Bottle)

Basic Intermediate Deluxe

   Bloom - Basic (Feed Chart)
   Bloom - Intermediate (Feed Chart)
   Bloom - Deluxe (Feed Chart)

Buddha's Tree


   Buddha's Tree (Feed Chart)

Canadian Xpress


   Canadian Xpress (Feed Chart)


Aqua Coco Terra

   Canna - Aqua (Feed Chart)
   Canna - Coco (Feed Chart)
   Canna - Terra (Feed Chart)


 Basic Advanced   Soil

   Cyco - Basic (Feed Chart)
   Cyco - Advanced (Feed Chart)
   Cyco - Soil (Feed Chart)

Dutch Pro

 Hydro Soil 

   Dutch Pro - Hydro (Feed Chart)
   Dutch Pro - Soil (Feed Chart)


   Evoponic (Feed Chart)

Fox Farm

   Fox Farm (Feed Chart)


   GHE (Feed Chart)


Feed Chart Notes

   GET - Feed Chart
   GET - Notes

Great White

   Great White (Feed Chart)

Green House

   Green House (Feed Chart)

Green Planet

Notes Schedule

   Green Planet (Feed Chart)


   GroTek (Feed Chart)



   Guanokalong (Feed Chart)


Coco Hydro Soil

   Hesi - Coco (Feed Chart)
   Hesi - Hydro (Feed Chart)
   Hesi - Soil (Feed Chart)

House & Garden

Ten week Alternative

   House & Garden - Ten week (Feed Chart)
   House & Garden - Alternative (Feed Chart)


Coco Hydro Soil

   Ionic - Coco (Feed Chart)
   Ionic - Hydro (Feed Chart)
   Ionic - Soil (Feed Chart)
   Ionic - Full


Coco Hydro Terra

   Plagron - Coco (Feed Chart)
   Plagron - Hydro (Feed Chart)
   Plagron - Terra (Feed Chart)

Plant Magic + 

Coco - Grow Coco - Bloom
Hydro - Grow Hydro - Bloom
Soil - Grow Soil - Bloom
DWC - Grow DWC - Bloom
Organic - Grow Organic - Bloom

   Plant Magic+ - Coco (Grow) (Feed Chart)
   Plant Magic+ - Coco (Bloom) (Feed Chart)
   Plant Magic+ - Hydro (Grow) (Feed Chart)
   Plant Magic+ - Hydro (Bloom) (Feed Chart)
   Plant Magic+ - Soil (Grow) (Feed Chart)
   Plant Magic+ - Soil (Bloom) (Feed Chart)
   Plant Magic+ - DWC (Grow) (Feed Chart)
   Plant Magic+ - DWC (Bloom) (Feed Chart)
   Plant Magic+ - Organic (Grow) (Feed Chart)
   Plant Magic+ - Organic (Bloom) (Feed Chart)


Coir Earth MAX Hydro MAX

   Vitalink - Coir (Feed Chart)
   Vitalink - Earth MAX (Feed Chart)
   Vitalink - Hydro MAX (Feed Chart)